My Journey with Daffodil Care – Mary Kelly

My Journey so Far – Mary Kelly

This week we caught up with Mary Kelly, one of our Social Care Leaders based in Cork!  Mary joined Daffodil Care on our INVOLVE Programme and has progressed to become a Social Care Leader within the organisation. We take a closer look at Mary's journey from student to Social Care Leader with Daffodil Care!

Tell us about your journey with Daffodil Care so far..

Following completion of the student involve training program, I then started a relief post in 2019 before undertaking a Full Time role in 2020. During this time, I became STEM leader within the centre and had the opportunity to be creative and provide support to the team with implementing STEM into practice. In August 2021 I was offered a junior Social Care Leader position which I commenced in October of this year. 

What has been the most enjoyable aspect of your career with Daffodil Care?

I have enjoyed building positive relationships with children and young people and seeing young people progress during their time in care. I have also enjoyed working in a team setting.

What has helped you to grow professionally during your time with Daffodil Care?

I feel working within a supportive environment, also having a strong level of ambition and motivation in my approach to work has led me to grow as a professional within Daffodil Care.