Why I chose Daffodil Care – Darren Clarke

Why I chose Daffodil Care – Darren Clarke

Here at Daffodil Care, we pride ourselves on the strength of our team. This week, we hear from a member of our Dublin based services, who since joining Daffodil Care, has grown from strength to strength and become an integral part of our team, Darren Clarke. 


Choosing Daffodil Care and my experience so far

I chose Daffodil Care as I felt like I needed a change, I have many professional peers in this sector, and they all had nothing but good things to say about Daffodil Care Services which heavily influenced my decision to join the team here.  Overall, my experience and career to date with Daffodil has been amazing. I have learned so much and am continuing with my progression plan to further my career. I have made lifelong friends in my colleagues and truly believe that I have made a difference, which gives me great job satisfaction. 

Supports and Career Progression

The supports within Daffodil are great from continuous practice development through in-house training such as TCI and First Aid Training to Educational Assistance which helped me achieve my BA Honors Degree.

The biggest support I have found is my staff team which seems to run throughout the organisation. I know that no matter how tough things can get, my team always has my back and is there to help me. 



Rewarding Work with excellent progression opportunities

I would say my work with Daffodil Care to date has definitely been rewarding. The most rewarding part of this work is seeing a spark in a young person, something that they themselves can be unaware of. Helping the young person realise this, and helping them to help themselves.

Careers in Daffodil are a great opportunity to develop both professionally and personally, learning to grow in the field and become more aware of oneself in the process. There is always room for development to climb up the professional ladder, there is also a host of employee benefits and supports to get you there, all while making good friends along the way.