Semi-Independent Services – My Journey so far

Semi-Independent Services – My Journey so far

Launching our first residential service in 2008, we have since developed a range of service offerings providing a continuum of care through residential and community-based services. Daffodil Care offers these services through a national network of registered children’s residential centers, semi-independent residential care, aftercare and community-based outreach support.

This week we take a look at Siobhan’s journey with Daffodil Care. Siobhan is a Social Care Manager for one Dublin-based Semi-Independent services, learn below about Siobhan’s journey to date and why she chose Semi-Independent.

Tell us about your Journey with Daffodil Care so far…

I started off as a Social Care Worker in March 2015 in Semi-Independent services. I had over 8 years experience in mainstream residential where I worked continuously with young people aged 13-18. Throughout my work experience, I began to struggle with the doing for approach. I was keen to commence in a Semi-Independent setting where we were teaching young people to develop and utilise practical, independent skills as they progressed into adulthood and preparation for leaving the care system.

From the nature and setting of Willowbrook, having six self-contained apartments, I flourished in supporting and teaching young people practical skills like cooking, cleaning, laundry, making appointments, filling out forms such as opening a bank account and going to the doctor, dentist and education. In February of 2016 I was promoted to Social Care Leader and became a Social Care Manager in July of 2019.

What made you choose Semi-Independent?

Our work in Willowbrook and Semi-Independent is centered around empowering young people to take control of their decision in the next stages of their life, and by introducing and teaching this, it helps to support young people to have a say and action in their direction of life.

Choosing Semi-Independent was solely based on supporting and teaching young people to have the skills in looking after themselves as they progressed to adulthood and the most rewarding part is watching a young person progress from adolescence into a strong confident young person. The biggest challenge can be a young person’s reluctance to engage due to a number of factors including, shyness, unfamiliarity/fear/rejection/ lack of confidence. However, with the approach of individually, own apartments their confidence builds. We mainly achieve this through respect and from the onset of their placement with each young person having their own space and being given the trust and responsibility in having their own apartments.

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