Our Services

Mainstream Residential Care Services

Daffodil Care has developed an extensive nationwide network of mainstream residential services. Our centres are strategically clustered to facilitate teams being supported by on-call service, on site senior management, constant support and shared training and career development opportunities.  

All mainstream services are located in semi-rural settings, promoting a quiet and therapeutic environment across all locations. Our centres can accommodate up to 4 young people, of mixed gender between the ages of 13-17 years. 

Each centre is immersed in our STEM model of care. STEM engagement is supported and guided by each centre’s management team and regional STEM leaders. This model of care has helped our centres develop and build long lasting relationships and lends itself to our continuum of care. 

As part of our continuum of care, all our young people can and do avail of our extensive service offerings in the Greater Dublin Area of both semi-independent residential care and our residential aftercare services. 


Semi Independent & Aftercare

Responding to emerging needs of young people leaving care, Daffodil Care developed two semi-independent residential centres which caters for young people from 16-19 years of mixed gender. These services are located in the urban areas of Artane and Swords and provide real life opportunities for young people transitioning from care. Through the provision of independent apartment living and a ‘do with not for’ approach, young people are actively encouraged to prepare for independence through a comprehensive programme.

We have developed a nationwide network of aftercare provision consisting of both residential and comprehensive outreach services delivered nationwide. Our residential Aftercare services are fully staffed 24/7 providing timely support to vulnerable young adults as they progress to independent living. Our nationwide network is testament to the support provided by our teams. We believe in support at every step, our onsite staff are accessible to residing young adults 24 hours a day with our aftercare teams dedicated to ensuring young adults get both the support and experience required in preparation for independent living. 




Community & Outreach Programmes

Here at Daffodil Care we understand the importance of outreach support. We know the importance of this support in the successful transition for young adults  to independent living. Our continuum of care  is dedicated to developing relationships with each young person with the understanding that there are differences between each young person. Our outreach support is available to young adults including those over the age of 18 years as part of the continuum of care we have developed. Our team has the ability to adapt and create services to align with each different case and situation. Our commitment to this approach recognises the importance of this stage in a young adult’s life and ensures the best outcomes are achieved. 

Our family focused interventions are tailored to the individual needs of the young person and their family. An individual Community Support Package can be designed to meet the needs of the young person in the community and family setting following an assessment using specially adapted assessment tools and techniques.

Autism & Disability Services



ARCS, a part of Daffodil Care group was established as a response to an increased demand for residential and community-based Outreach services for young people with a primary diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

One of Ireland’s only Residential Care services to specialise in ASD, ARCS provides tailored residential and outreach service incorporating the principles positive behaviour support whilst utilising the Low arousal approach to encourage stress reduction and de-escalation.

Our Social Inclusion Programme provides a flexible, bespoke responsive services to individuals and their families, through the delivery of community outreach/respite, homecare support and personal assistant services.

Those availing of ARCS not only benefit from the expertise of the ARCS team but also from the existing excellence in service provision provided through Daffodil Care management and support services.


Social Care Training Ireland

Social Care Training Ireland, established in 2011, is an Irish company. We provide a broad range of training and consultancy services to individuals, groups and organisations nationwide. 

Our ethos is derived from our extensive experience in direct care provision and is embodied in our mission “supporting excellence in care provision”.

We have built an extensive service offering on solid experience and have for some years carefully crafted our approach, not purely on an academic basis but also through the application and development of theoretical models, whilst constantly measuring outcomes and experiences.

Our trainers are professionally qualified social care practitioners and managers, with years of practical experience, qualification and research, who translate their shared vision and passion to deliver a new learning experience.

We have delivered superior training, consultancy and organisational development services to the Health Service Executive (HSE), Department of Education, Tusla Child & Family Agency, non-governmental organisations, professional employment agencies, addiction treatment organisations, universities, community services, disability services and private residential care providers across the island of Ireland.