My INVOLVE Programme Journey – Amy Ronan


My Journey on the Involve Programme

I started my journey with Daffodil Care in November 2018 and completed my student placement from November to February. Between then and now I have moved from student to Relief to Full Time to now Social Care Leader and the Involve Co-ordinator of Munster. 

The Involve Programme was brilliant for preparing me for a career in social care. It allowed me to see all the different elements of the job such as working with young people, engagement with families, engagement with schools and other community groups such as youth groups. It allowed me to see the running of a residential unit and also gave me an insight into working with different professionals such as social workers, GALs and different mental health professionals. The involve programme provided a solid structure for me to learn both theory and practical sides of social care. It allowed for great support from the staff team that I completed my placement with and gave me in depth knowledge for a seamless transition to relief while in college. 
There are countless benefits to the Involve Programme. It was one of the most beneficial placements I completed while in college. The Involve Programme gave me the opportunity to grow as a social care worker from student to now leader and the Involve Co-ordinator of Munster.
The Involve Programme gave me the time to learn different elements of work, such as working with the young people, different approaches to use and how to complete the admin side of the job which is paramount to accurately document everything. Another benefit of involve is the supervision and support provided to students. It is structured and often which allows for students to highlight any areas or further learning they may want to look at.
The Involve Programme serves as a great means of progression to relief within the company and I would absolutely recommend the Involve Programme to any student seeking placement as part of their course.