Meet the Women at the very heart of Daffodil Care

Maeve McGuire – Assistant Director of Services

It provides an opportunity to celebrate strong, resilient and brave women across the globe especially in light of the recent global events, for ourselves internally with Daffodil Care, its a great opportunity for us to showcase the amazing talented and hardworking women who are at the very core of Daffodil Care . 
Maeve McGuire – Assistant Director of Services

Maeve's Journey with Daffodil Care

I started my social care journey in the disability sector some sixteen years ago before taking some time out to travel, on my return I knew I wanted to venture into working with young people and I have spent the last fourteen years working with Daffodil Care. My journey started right back in 2008 with the opening of their first residential centre. At that time I was lucky enough to be offered a Full-Time Social Care Worker role in Co Wexford. It was a great experience at that time as the entire team were involved with setting up the centre and building the companies culture and ethos.

I carried that culture with me as I navigated my Daffodil journey moving to Social Care Leader in Wexford in 2011 before leaving Wexford and starting a centre management role within the company in 2013 in Co Tipperary. This role subsequently led me to building the Munster region from one to three centres and I became the Munster Regional Manager in 2015 and now currently hold the Assistant Director of Service title since 2019.

Over the last fourteen years I have been afforded many career opportunities and at the core of every opportunity has been unrivaled support, mentorship and a passion for providing the best care possible for the young people who enter our service. Throughout my time with Daffodil Care, its always been very evident the focus on ‘their people’, their staff is at the heart of what makes the service excel and providing opportunities for staff to grow and develop within or beyond their roles within the company is such a rewarding aspect of what I get to do each day.  


How would I summarise my journey with Daffodil Care? 

A rewarding adventure which has allowed me to explore many opportunities.