Relief Social Care Worker – South Dublin

Misty Croft, a company within the Daffodil Care Group is hiring a Relief Social Care Workers for our residential based services for separated children seeking international protection. Our residential centres are based in South Dublin.


Who we are –

Misty Croft, was established to provide high quality residential based and ancillary services to young people, providing residential services to young people seeking international protection. We are committed to working intensively with young people & support networks through a clearly identified model of care, where reflective practice is at the core of all engagements.  

We promote the values of therapeutic child and youth care engagement in a safe environment where the young person is at the centre of all planning, all activities, all decision-making, all interventions, and all review processes.  

Separated children seeking international protection are aged under 18, are outside their country of origin, who may be in need of international protection and are separated from their parents or their legal/customary care giver. 

Many of these children may have high levels of vulnerability and have experienced significant trauma.  Many face problems and challenges on issues including separation and bereavement from family and friends, social isolation, language barriers, emotional and mental health problems, discrimination, and racism.

Qualifications & Experience

Candidates with a variety of social care related qualifications from Level 6, Level 7 or Level 8 achieved in Ireland and Internationally are invited to apply.

Qualification (degree) or above in one of the following:


• QQI Level 8 in Psychology 

• QQI Level 7 or Professional Practice Qualification in Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy 

• QQI Level 7 or Professional Practice Qualification in Counselling / Psychotherapy 

• QQI Level 7 or Professional Practice Qualification in Addiction Counselling 

• QQI Level 7 in Youth and Community or similar 

• QQI Level 7 in Social Science / Social Studies 

• QQI Level 7 in Family Support 

• Professional Qualification in Teaching (Not TEFL) 

• Professional Qualification in Nursing Studies 

• QQI Level 7 in Disability Studies 

• QQI Level 7 in Applied Behavioural Analysis 

• QQI Level 7 in Early Years Care where centre caters for children under 12 years. 

• BA in Applied Policing or equivalent 

• Holder of Higher Certificate in Custodial Care (Irish Prison Service) or equivalent


QQI Level 6 qualification with a minimum of 2 years’ experience working with children and young people in a social are setting.


· Knowledge of child safeguarding and reporting responsibilities

· Knowledge of relevant childcare legislation, National Standards for Children’s Residential Centres                                                                  

· Good report writing skills

· Knowledge/experience of working with people from culturally diverse backgrounds is an advantage

A full Irish driving license is a mandatory requirement for this role.


At Misty Croft, we promote the professional and personal development of each team member. With a clear focus on our ethos and therapeutic approach, we provide for significant investment in our people, who in turn through their professionalism and commitment greatly enhance the experience and outcomes for our service users.


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