The INVOLVE Programme

An unparalleled training programme that corresponds to your learning outcome requirements for professional practice placement


At Daffodil Care, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the provision of a comprehensive learning experience for our students. We run what we consider to be an unparalleled training programme that corresponds to your learning outcome requirements for professional practice placement whilst preparing you on both a practical and theoretical level to progress to a professional work environment.

Daffodil Care offers a range of residential and community based services through a national network of registered children’s residential centres, aftercare, semi-independent residential care and community based outreach support.

INVOLVE seeks to involve the student at every level of learning. Over a ten-week period, the completion of evidenced based tasks supported by a trained supervisor will form the basis for a confident and positive start to your career.

Daffodil Care accepts students annually in September, January, March and over the summer period.

Why Choose the INVOLVE Programme

The INVOLVE programme has gained precedence nationwide due to the inclusive and interactive elements Daffodil Care have created within the programme. The programme is designed to ensure staff are

  • Inclusion in all professional staff training that is scheduled throughout your placement through our sister company Social Care Training Ireland (SCTI)
  • Effective and constructive feedback on your practice
  • Regular supervision from a trained supervisor
  • The possibility of achieving a position on our Relief Social Care Worker panel
  • Higher learning goals may be achieved such as the possibility of observing multi-disciplinary team meetings, etc.
“Tell me , I forget. Teach me and I may remember. INVOLVE me and I will learn”

What INVOLVE students have to say

Mary Kelly

This program was very useful whereby I was able to learn and gain a lot of experience in the residential sector. At this point I knew I wanted to work with children and young people in residential care. Following completion of the student INVOLVE training program, I then started a relief post in 2019 before undertaking a full time role in 2020. During this time, I became STEM leader within the centre and had the opportunity to be creative and provide support to the team with implementing STEM into practice. In August 2021 I became a Social Care Leader. I feel working within a supportive environment, also having a strong level of ambition and motivation in my approach to work has led me to grow as a professional within Daffodil Care.


Amy Ronan

The INVOLVE programme was brilliant for preparing me for a career in social care. It allowed me to see all the different elements of the job such as working with young people, engagement with families, engagement with schools and other community groups such as youth groups etc, it allowed me to see the running of a residential unit and also gave me an insight into working with different professionals such as social workers, GALs, different mental health professionals etc. The INVOLVE programme provided a solid structure for me to learn both theory and practical sides of social care. It allowed for great support from the staff team that I completed my placement with and gave me in depth knowledge for a seamless transition to relief while in college. 

A Learning Programme

We pride ourselves on being a learning organisation, committed to recognising strengths and providing professional opportunities to our staff wherever possible. With professional registration of Social Care Workers around the corner, Daffodil Care has developed a comprehensive student placement experience that draws on the CORU draft publication “Profession Specific Criteria for Education and Training Programmes – Social Care Workers”, 2016

The INVOLVE Programme has been an excellent resource for many of our students here at TUD. The programme is designed to prepare students for a career after college and certainly does so. The inclusive approach has been hailed by our students as a real learning curve and the ideal preparation for a career in social care. 

Gloria Farrelly,
Placement Coordinator,
TUD Tallaght Campus.