Emma Hyland – Why I Chose Semi-Independent.

Emma Hyland – Why I chose Semi-Independent

I first started my journey in Daffodil Care Services in 2018 as a student and have since progressed to Social Care Worker and presently Social Care Leader in one of our Semi-Independent services, Willowbrook. From the beginning of my time in Daffodil, I had the pleasure of working in other services within the company. I was and still to this day drawn to the semi-independent aspect of working with young people in care.

Why Semi-Independent?

While working in semi-independent I have been given the responsibility to support and teach young people develop the adequate skills necessary to prepare them for what may be one of the most monumental moments in their lifetime of transitioning into independent living or aftercare services. It is our job to support young people in completing tasks that may seem simple to others such as applying for a passport, opening a bank account, applying for housing, seeking education or employment plus much more. While doing this we also role model and demonstrate what independent living entails such as cleaning, cooking, laundry and grocery shopping!


Working closely with young people who may never have had a significant person in their lives willing to spending much needed time to support them into adulthood has been a rewarding aspect to my job. How I feel we best support young people in fulfilling their placement goals and wishes, is by spending time building and strengthening relationships and trust.


This can become challenging at times if there are young people holding back from this however by meeting them where they are at and continuing the process of relationship building these bonds can form. Once you have established these relationships you can play a vital role in a young person's life and support them in reaching their full potential to ensure they can move on with the adequate skills and traits developed to support themselves.


Furthermore, you and your staff team are the one definite constant in this young person's life. You can be there for that person's highest and lowest moments in life, and incorporating compassion, empathy, and a person centre approach you can achieve great milestones during your time working together.

Personally, I believe that every young person I have worked with since my journey began in 2018 has taught me just as much about myself as I hope to have thought them. Every person we meet has a story to tell, hopes, dreams, and wishes and I treasure my role in trying to allow these ambitions all to become a reality.

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