International Women’s DAY

Meet the women at the heart of Daffodil Care

Emma Dempsey – My Journey with Daffodil Care

International Womens day for me, is all about fairness and equality. Both men and women do amazing jobs but sometimes it can be difficult for women to be recognised or respected in certain environments. Also, there can be additional pressures which some women may face which makes achieving their professional goals more difficult, like the responsibilities of home life.  
Emma Dempsey – Wexford Regional Manager

My journey with Daffodil Care

I have a degree in Social Care and Counselling Psychotherapy. I have worked for Daffodil Care Services for thirteen years. I began my journey as a Relief Social Care Worker and I am now Wexford Regional Manager. At the very core of my progression through the company was support and encouragement at each step, something which I believe has allowed me to continue my professional development with Daffodil Care.

I have worked with many amazing colleagues over the years which helped me grow professionally and I have been very fortunate with the opportunities provided to me by the organisation.

My journey so far with Daffodil Care has been incredible, with the opportunity to learn so much professionally and personally!