Employee Spotlight – Sarah Gallagher

Employee Spotlight – Sarah Gallagher


This week we spoke to Sarah Gallagher, our Social Care Manager based in Cork!  Sarah started her career with Daffodil Care in November of 2018, joining us as a Social Care Worker and progressing to become an integral part of our management team. We caught up with Sarah to learn more about her story so far…

Can you tell us a bit about your journey with Daffodil Care?

I started as a Social Care Worker in 2018 in Bellevue and worked on the floor keyworking and building relationships with young people. I gained a lot of experience in crisis management, report writing and policies and procedures. I became the INVOLVE Munster coordinator in February 2019 and was responsible for student placements and communication with Colleges for the Munster region until June 2021.

I became a Social Care Leader in May 2020 and developed my skills quickly in the role for a period of 6 months before being promoted to a Deputy Manager position in Meadowvale in November 2020.

I became the Acting Social Care Manager in April 2021 and I am currently working towards becoming a full Social Care Manager. I am completing a Higher Diploma in Applied Social Studies in September 2021 for 1 year, this will then recognize my current Social Science Degree as a Social Care Degree also, a requirement which is needed for the Social Care Manager role.

In your own opinion, what has been the most enjoyable aspect of your career to date with Daffodil Care

The most enjoyable aspect has been building relationships with young people and being able to see them do well, in some situations. Seeing a young person attain their first job or overcome identified hurdles in their life. It has been enjoyable to be a part of those positive experiences and achievements with young people.

Having an active role in the future of vulnerable young people and being able to support and facilitate positive outcomes, even if there were only short term- there were memories to provide young people with.

What has helped you to grow professionally throughout your time with Daffodil Care?

Being ambitious, hardworking, wanting to learn and being dedicated to the work in Daffodil, striving for positive outcomes. Working with a supportive management team. Having opportunities to develop and upskill with different training and support provided. Having financial support to apply for a Higher Diploma in Applied Social Studies to progress my role in the company into management.


Can you describe the culture at Daffodil Care?

The culture of Daffodil is very much about having a strong reliable team around you to support and get through whatever comes. The culture is very much focused on therapeutic work with a holistic approach. 


What core values do you believe best represent Daffodil Care as an organization?

Being Child centered, inclusive and non judgemental are core values in my opinion to represent Daffodil. Teamwork, development and safety are also core values that can be seen on a day to day basis.