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The Daffodil Foundation was launched in July 2015. The mission of The Foundation is ‘supporting and promoting the well-being of young people in Ireland’. The Daffodil Foundation, is a needs led charity, we work closely with young people within communities, schools and other specialised groups within society, to be able to identify and respond to their needs where possible.

The foundation provides need-assessed financial support packages for young people leaving care, assisting in their transition to independent living. In association with the ISPCC, the foundation works directly with families and individuals living in Direct Provision. The Daffodil Foundation provides free wellness workshops and suicide prevention workshops to schools and youth community groups, through a national outreach service supported by SCTI.

The Daffodil Foundation is a charity which was launched by the Board and Management of The Daffodil Care Group to support and promote the wellbeing of young people in Ireland. Our mission statement provides the flexibility to assess evolving challenges faced by young people in Ireland and to apply our resources accordingly.


The work of the Daffodil Foundation

Aftercare Awards

The Daffodil Foundation provides needs-assessed financial support packages for young people leaving care, assisting with their transition to independent living.For further information or to support The Daffodil Foundation in our work, email or call 0818 903 984.

“Leaving care fund has helped me become independent in saving money and budgeting. It has given me a good start in the world of adulthood. Without the leaving care fund I would be unable to live independently and the prospect of being able to attend college and getting a degree would be non-existent to me.”
Aftercare Award Recipient

Wellness Workshops

The Daffodil Foundation are committed to delivering wellness workshops to groups of young people nationwide. If you would like to organise a talk for your young people at your organisation fill in your details and a member of our team will be in touch! 


This year we have added a new workshop, our COVID-19 workshop is delivered in the format of an animated video which serves to debunk the myths around Coronavirus for children. If you are interested in having this workshop delivered to your class or school, just leave your details with some information on what age groups this will be delivered to.