Developing Our Continuum of Care

Here at the Daffodil Care Group we have worked to develop our continuum of care through developing a series of offering which help to support the provision of the highest level of service and care throughout all our work. 

Daffodil Care Services

Daffodil Care Services are a  leading social care service provider, established in response to an increased demand for residential and community based therapeutic services. We promote the values of therapeutic child and youth care in a safe environment where the young person and their family are at the centre of all planning, activities, decision-making and  interventions.

Launching our first residential service in 2008, we have since developed a range of service offerings providing a continuum of care through residential and community based services. Daffodil Care offers a range of residential and community based services through a national network of registered children’s residential centres, aftercare, semi-independent residential care and community based outreach support.

Social Care Training Ireland

Social Care Training Ireland is a branch of the Daffodil Care group. We provide a broad range of training and consultancy services to individuals, groups and organisations nationwide. SCTI provide all core training for Daffodil Care employees alongside a wide range of additional training and workshops. All training and workshops are available free of charge to Daffodil Care employees.

SCTI trainers are professionally qualified social care practitioners and managers, with years of practical experience, qualification and research, who translate their shared vision and passion to deliver a new learning experience.


ARCS, part of the Daffodil Care group, was established in response to an increased demand for residential and community-based services for young people with a primary diagnosis of Autism. We provide intensive therapeutic interventions through our children’s designated residential care service and our outreach programmes.

ARCS aims to provide a therapeutic environment, utilising Positive Behaviour Support Principles, Low arousal approach (Studio III) to stress reduction and crisis management, and Equine Engagements, to empower individuals to achieve success and further their potential for growth, independence and social Inclusion.  Programmes are bespoke and tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual and their family.

Person Centred Care is provided in a safe environment where the young person and their families are at the centre of all planning, activities and decision making.

The Daffodil Foundation

The Daffodil Foundation was launched in July 2015. The mission of The Foundation is ‘supporting and promoting the wellbeing of young people in Ireland’. The Daffodil Foundation, is a needs led charity, we work closely with young people within communities, schools and other specialised groups within society, to be able to identify and respond to their needs where possible.

The foundation provides need-assessed financial support packages for young people leaving care, assisting in their transition to independent living. In association with the ISPCC, the foundation works directly with families and individuals living in Direct Provision. The Daffodil Foundation provides free wellness workshops and suicide prevention workshops to schools and youth community groups, through a national outreach service supported by SCTI.

Core Support

Core Support was established to support the Daffodil Care Group through a wide array of service provision including;

  • Property acquisition
  • Fit-out and design consultancy
  • Facilities management
  • Fully integrated specialist maintenance service
  • 24hour on call support