International Women’s day

Celebrating the women at the heart of Daffodil Care Services

Aoife Patterson – Regional Manager – Semi-Independent, Aftercare & Outreach

International Womens’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the women in our lives, friends, family and colleagues alike! An amazing opportunity to celebrate women for their achievements and successes.
Aoife Patterson

My journey to Daffodil Care

I hadn’t intended on returning to work in the field when I stumbled across Daffodil Care Services. I was at home on a year out looking after my youngest child and running the back-of-house operations for my partner's business. I was thinking about what I used to do and all the time I had spent getting there and found myself looking on Activelink just to see what was out there.

It ended up with a phone call to a lovely lady called Rachel Daffodil Care Service's recruitment department, within the hour she had my CV and an interview set up for the end of the week, the rest is history!

I started as the Aftercare Manager to set up the services and moved to Regional Manager of Aftercare, Semi-Independent and Outreach – covering 6 houses. 

How would I summarise my career with Daffodil Care

Daffodil Care Services provides me the challenges that encourage me to remain in my field of work and the rewards to continue going.  Daffodil Care Services are supportive, flexible and evolve with changing and challenging times.